The Dialto Collection

Built Around You

Founded in Cortina, Italy in 1993, Dialto has been a provider of high performance sportswear for speed and endurance athletes. Competitors have relied on Dialto to deliver the gear that improves personal perfmance. Durability, comfort and unique design are carefully blended to achieve the ultimate benchmark in cycling and triathlon clothing. Whether you are competing in the tour, pushing yourself for the triathlon win, or striving to reach your personal best, Dialto clothing is built around you.

Engineered For Life

Just as the human body is a masterpiece of life engineering, Dialto sportswear is engineered to allow the body to perform at its peak and protect from the elements. Our R&D is endless and features:
  • Non-curling materials that allow Dialto garments to retain their shape
  • Non irritating fit
  • High breathability factor
  • Sand shedding properties
  • Highest UV protection rating
  • Aerodynamic
  • Non-fade graphics available with virtually limitless color options that keep their original sheen (No screen printing that will peel and fade)
  • Smooth Stitching
  • High quality zippers

Art You Can Wear

100% Designed and produced in Italy, Dialto is committed to it's roots. Italian clothing designers have a gift for creating perfectly proportioned clothing that functions perfectly and looks beautiful. Dialto's "Perfect Fit" philosophy ensures that you will perform at your best and stand out from the rest.

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