Dialto Sportswear from the heart of Cortina, Italy

 About us....It's really about You!

21 years ago in Cortina Italy, a national level coach began offering durable competition wear with unique visual appeal, outstanding fit, and durability features that greatly increased the life of the garment. The competition was not cycling, it was skiing, where competitors place high demands on their gear for fit, finish and durability in a wide range of temperature conditions.

Dialto was born and exceeding the demands of world class competitors allowed us to become experts with material and construction of high performance sports apparel. As interest in our unique apparel grew, the question was asked....Why not extend these advantages to cyclists, who ride in many different types of weather and temperature conditions? Launched in 2011, Dialto cycling/triathlon apparel is winning the hearts of competitors and enthusiasts alike with 100% designed and made in Italy apparel created utilizing only the highest quality Italian sourced materials.

While we could elaborate further about our heritage, our quest for perfection in design, fit, durability and color options, our true specialty is you! Whether for a team, or for yourself, Dialto exists only for you to make a statement, to increase your odds of winning, to add further comfort and enjoyment to your ride, or maybe to add that special, personal touch and stand out from the crowd. Specializing in you! is more than a simple phrase. It is Dialto's foundation for existence, as it has been for 21years.
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